Head Teacher (Acting)
Mrs Elaine Montgomery

Principal Teacher 
Mrs Christina Reynolds (Primary 4/3)

Miss Jacqui Milliner (Primary 1 Red)
Miss Donna Kelly (Primary 1 Grey)
Mrs Sandie Fitzharris (Primary 2)
Mrs Marion Hanschell (Primary 3/2)
Mrs Lynda Thompson (Primary 4)
Mr Paul Giffney (Primary 5)
Miss Joanna Eaglestone (Primary 6/5)
Miss Jaclyn McCready (Primary 7/6)
Mrs Rhona Findlay (Primary 7)
Mrs Linda Irvine (Support for Learning Teacher)

Nursery Staff
Miss Donna Buirds (Senior EYECO)
Mrs Anne Frances Johnstone (EYECO)
Miss Leanne Wilson (EYECO)

Class responsibility shown is for this session only 2013-14 and does not indicate the teacher's responsibility during session 2014-15

Classroom Assistants
Mrs Mary McGinn
Mrs Vera Davis
Mrs Anne Marie Speirs

Senior Clerical Assistant
Mrs Margaret Crookston

Clerical Assistants
Mrs Lesley Ann King
Mrs Lynn Rattray

Additional Support Needs Auxiliaries
Mrs Rachel Nicol
Mrs Yvonne Doyle
Mrs Gillian Howie
Mrs Carol McCallum

Mr Samuel Hunter

Catering Manager
Mrs Teresa McAllister

Catering Assistants
Mrs Helen Ramsay
Mrs Anne Murphy
Mrs Donna Galvin

School Chaplain
Rev Archie Speirs

Homelink Worker
Mrs Angela McPate


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