Parent Council

Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 led to the establishment of Parent Councils in primary, secondary and special schools. The Act recognises the vital role that parents play in supporting their children's learning. It places a duty on authorities to promote the involvement of parents in children's education and the wider life of the school. It aims to help parents to be :-

  • Involved with their child's education and learning
  • Welcomed as an active participant in the life of the school
  • Encouraged to express their views on school education generally

Information must be provided on whether or not a Parent Council has been established and the reason(s) given for the non establishment or disestablishment of a board.
Information should be given about the members of the council. Details of where/how the Parent Forum can access minutes of meetings and constitution should be given.
Procedures for electing parent representatives should be set out.
The Parent Council, as a statutory body, has the right to information and advice on matters which affect children's education.
Parents who are involved on a regular basis in schools should undertake an enhanced disclosure through Disclosure Scotland.
Members of the Parent Council, at present, are as follows:-

Office Bearers:
Chairperson:                       Ben Doran
Vice Chairperson:              Martina Gill
Treasurer:                            Lesley McMillan
Communications Officer: David Gilmour
Events Committee:             Debbie Barnes
Minute Taker:                      Margaret Crookston

Members:                                   Deborah McGarrigle
                                                    Cheryl Thomas
                                                   Lee-Ann Campbell
                                                   Fiona McEwan
                                                   Lesley Campbell
                                                   Lorraine McHaffie
                                                   Cathy McShane

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