Nursery Places

Nursery drawingApplying for a place

Parents are welcome to call at the Nursery any time after their child’s second birthday to put their name on the Register of Applicants. At this time, an application form will be filled in and parents are welcome to look around the Nursery to see the children playing.

Allocation of places

Inverclyde has an Admissions Policy. Decisions about all allocations are discussed at the Wemyss Bay/ Inverkip Admissions Panel which consists of representatives from Social Work, Health Visitors and the Head Teacher from each nursery in the Wemyss Bay/ Inverkip area. Individual applications are considered carefully and places are allocated according to the individual needs and circumstances of families.
Children are entitled to a nursery place the term after his / her third birthday. Intakes take place 3 terms over a nursery year.

Birthdays falling between:
• 1st March- 31st August – August intake
• 1st September- 31st December – January intake
• 1st January- 28th (29th) February – April intake

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