Will my child get homework ?

It is our school policy that each child will receive homework each night. In the early stages the time spent each evening on work at home should not exceed 15 minutes, gradually increasing to an average of not more than 30 minutes in P6 and P7.
We believe that homework is important in the forging of home/school links. Therefore, parents are requested to sign work done at home, including “reading record booklets” in order to:-

  1. be aware of the quality of the work being produced by their child
  2. confirm that the work has been done at home
  3. discuss the work with their child and give support by being involved in the learning process by monitoring and helping to correct any errors which may have been made.

At the beginning of each school session the class teacher will provide parents with a brief written statement of the type of homework which is likely to be given, procedures to be followed, and ways in which parents can help to achieve good standards of work.

At all stages in the school there will be occasions when the children will be asked to collect and bring in items for craft/topic work. Pupils in the middle and upper stages may also be asked to carry out research such as interviewing friends or relations, watching television news or other programmes for later discussion and follow-up work in school. The older children may also be required to learn a poem or carry out an assignment etc.

Occasionally extra homework in mathematics or language may be given to individual children when required, to re-inforce work done in school with which the child has had difficulty.
Close scrutiny of the progress of the work of individual pupils is undertaken daily. If it is noted
that a pupil is not progressing, an investigation will be made and the parents concerned will be informed in order that the reason(s) may be discovered and remedies found.


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