What are composite classes ?

Some children are never part of a composite class whilst others, particularly in rural schools, never experience anything else. You should be confident that the professionalism of the staff at Inverkip Primary School will ensure that your child will always work within a programme appropriate for his / her age, ability and aptitude. At both school level and education authority level quality control procedures exist to ensure that your child is making good progress within the nationally agreed curriculum guidelines.
The recently issued national guidelines on the curriculum indicate that pupils should proceed
through learning experiences tailored to fit their personal level of attainment. This means that
pupils in all classes will follow programmes constructed to help them progress at their own level.
This applies to all pupils regardless of whether or not they are in a composite or single year stage class.

In addition the school will make every effort to involve pupils of any one year group in activities
which bring the whole year group together. In this way pupils will be able to continue to identify with children of the same age especially at important times such as transfer to secondary school.
At the same time the school will also try to ensure that the natural identity of each primary class group is maintained.


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